Thursday, August 27, 2009

Joyce,>> Thanks for the reading! I appreciate your insight and guidance. I > definitely feel much better now!>> Thanks and God bless you!>>______.

Dear Joyce,

I cannot begin to tell you how deeply your reading affected me. I have been to many healers in my life, as I suffer from a chronic disorder for 35 years. I have never felt "so known," "so heard," "so connected to" in all of my life as in your channeled reading and my heart became so full that I cried tears of joy as I read through the reading. Everything felt right-everything felt true. You are a blessing to me Joyce. Thank you for being you.

Love, _____

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What do you think?
I must ask you one of the most mystical questions of all: If science, and Einstein proved that the average person only used about 6% of his brain on a "good day" what is the rest of the human brain doing? Isn't it possible that much of that unclaimed, seemingly unchartered brain matter might be for extra-sensory perception or ESP? Meditation and prayer have been used throughout the centuries for man to link in to his higher intelligence. So have various forms of human deprivation and suffering, or physical abuse that would be so horrendous, and the pain so unbearable, and that the human consciousness would change, and usually shift to a higher consciousness. The Maori's, and many other tribes, proved that they could shift to high levels of ESP awareness, through incredibly arduous experiences. Should mental and physical suffering be necessary for humans to become psychic, and to part the "VEIL" that separates the physical and non-physical worlds? I believe that it can be done safely, easily and without distress. It usually requires patience, prayer and meditation. Many people, however, have become instantly "psychic," after having near-death experiences, or life-jarring accidents. Their mundane consciousness was SHIFTED to a higher level of awareness. Again, it can be done with patience, prayer and meditation, when done on a daily, dedicated basis. Meditation is the quieting and stilling of the mind, so that there is an increase in clarity of consciousness. (More on meditation in my book, "7 Steps to Heaven.") Do you have to be "born psychic?" Not necessarily, but it may help. What do you think? Which of course brings you to our radio show. We can help you raise your consciousness to subliminal levels where you yourself are able to tune into high frequencies, most of which include the spirit and angelic worlds. We can be your link between our physical world and your spirit teachers, along with those who have passed on. We will help to connect you to their spirit thoughts, power and messages. We will also attempt to bring you messages of hope and direction. Just send us an one or two lined email with a question or comment to: with birth date information during the radio show, Weds. 11 pm est - midnight. Every show is amazing, healing, fun, and spiritually uplifting, delivering a clear message that "life does not end at death." We will attempt to answer your personal, love and financial issues at no charge. What other show sends you an email of your reading? We sincerely want to help you. We're very unique! There are no strings attached.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank you, Jack. Could you please let Joyce know I took my daughter to see Dr. Wong (for healing Kawasaki symptoms) and she is doing much better. I feel grateful to you and Joyce every day. Knowing 2 loving people like you are in the world helping people makes me feel very, very good.Fondly, A.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A much appreciated email from a person with a health problem who was helped by Joyce:


Your accuracy on my health related to the gut and blood infection due to fungus and bateria was absolutely accurate. I had a darkfield micrososcopy test completed by a Dr. this past Saturday who showed this as the cause of my symptoms I am experiencing... You are truly gifted. I plan on contacting your for a full reading very soon. Take care and God bless you.

Scott, Virginia