Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Problems, and the Human Conditions on our Planet...

Dear Friends of my Psychic Services, TV/Radio Shows & Blog,

This is my response to your many inquiries about life, problems, and the human condition of our planet:

I appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you understand UNWORKED KARMA...Karma, or Destiny, is based on the use of our FREE WILL...psychics are supposed to be inspired when giving readings, to tell the person getting the reading WHAT, HOW and WHEN they will USE that free will, which is about 15% of live. That 15% is a true gift from God. Our Creator who wants us to work out our karma, and use our free will CORRECTLY. That's why psychic readings can rarely be 100% accurate. However, what good psychics will certainly try to do is to discern that 15%! The universe keeps giving people new and more imaginative chances for work out karma, but sooner or later, the karmic options run out, and POW!!!!!!!!!!! That's when people say, "What? How could that have happened to such a good person????" It is usually Karma, as it rears its truthful, honest, soulful head.

It's simple. Most people are resistant to learning universal truth, intelligence and consciousness...I believe that is what it is all about....rejoining with Universal Intelligence, with divine insight... I believe the ultimate soul purpose and goal is what is called "soul mastery." I believe that is why most of us are all on the earth. (Some folks though are here strictly as teachers, with little or no karma. Their balancing act is to teach and inspire, while not incurring any new karma.)

It is all about "soul lessons," or soul growth, just like school. Summer vacations from school are like the "after death" experience. That is why death is often called "Summerland."

It is a pleasure and an honor to stand beside you in spirit. - Love. Joyce

Monday, October 29, 2012


I wrote about this in my book, "7 Steps"...NY was flooded by Hurricane Gloria, no power, blown-out windows, roofs, etc. a day before our daughter Elaine's wedding..we had planned a huge wedding on the Great South Bay for her and her groom, at a great reception was a disaster, especially because 200 people were attending...amid flooding, darkness, high winds with windows blowing out, I tried to protect her wedding gown & veil by lying on top of it...fell asleep (hard to believe, right?) and saw master teacher Babaji! He said, "Don't worry! I'll take care of everything! I'll make the hurricane STOP right next to the wedding reception hall, right at the Great South Bay in Lindenhurst, and I'll see that you have PROOF of this! It will be a beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding." True to his word, the next day was a beautiful day, and the electricity came on briefly...just long enough for Elaine and her bridal party to get ready, and long enough to have a terrific reception. The next day, Monday, Oct. 7, 1985, the bride and groom where off on their honeymoon. Jack and I turned on the TV, and saw a weatherman giving the post-hurricane report...he pointed to the map of Long Island, New York. He pointed to the exact spot of Elaine's wedding reception, on his weather map, and said, "The hurricane abruptly and mysteriously STOPPED on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst!" That was the exact location of her wedding! Once again, Babaji was good for his word. I have had many experiences like this one, but this is one of my favorites.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Love Letter & December, 2012 Update

Today's Date: 8/15/12: Topic: Letter I received after doing a Reading:

Dear Joyce,
You're reading was extremely accurate--surprisingly so. Honestly, I didn't expect much--but I was desperate. I was really pleasantly surprised by the reading. I've had readings in the past where it was quite obvious that the person had no intuitive abilities, it's disheartening, but so common people have come to expect that. With that said, you pinpointed exactly what was going on in my life. I hope I can use your insight to make better choices--while I found the reading helpful, M is my kryptonite (even though I know I don't always get what I want from him). His inability to commit has bothered me for a long time, and while I usually feel he loves me (really), I wonder if he'll ever change his ways. Your comment regarding a woman who he has a physical/emotional connection to was dead on. He had an ex-girlfriend visiting him this weekend. That, among other things, drove me to seek you out. As I already mentioned, I was skeptical at first, but you've turned me into a believer. You have an incredible gifted.

My relationship with M is quite complicated. I love him very much and don't think I'll be able to let go of him easily. I hope I'm not hoping for impossible things. You mentioned there was another person I might be better matched with. I was wondering if there's a chance i'll meet this person if I continue my relationship with M. I don't think I've already met this person, and while I don't doubt there's more on the horizon than M, it's hard for me to envision meeting someone else.
Anyway, I was really impressed with my reading and I will definitely be seeking your advice/guidance in the near future. Thank you so much!


Today's date is 8/15/12:   December 21, 2012 Update:

 Regarding December, 2012,  I received this answer for you:  The earth and its inhabitants are still somewhat in a state of flux about the 12/2012 issue...nothing radical will happen on that particular day, but the usual and possibly stepped-up earth-rumblings, freak storms, bizarre weather will definitely be a part of the earth's has already started, as you can tell, right? It's not so terrible, and earthlings shouldn't worry about it. However, the main problem, and the most unsettling energy surrounds VIOLENCE, WARS, frustration, sadness, grief, CORRUPTION, POLITICAL MAYHEM  and GUNS.  It is that energy that seems to be throwing this beautiful planet's energy in to a wild tail spin. The problem of increasing violence is one that has to be addressed and corrected. It is the energy that will either save or destroy the planet.... Thank you for asking this very important question.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heart Hunting

This is an exclusive excerpt from Joyce Keller's highly popular e-book Heart Hunting that is available for Amazon Kindle and can be found on her website. Guess Cupid is going to be out of job and will want a copy for himself....


Chapter Four
Universe - please send
A mate who will be
Someone with eyes 
Only for me!


Meditate, or center your energy, when arising in the morning, and again before going to sleep at night.  Your best meditation for “Heart Hunting” for a soul mate is to sit comfortably, keep your spine straight, and breathe deeply, while repeating the following affirmation:

Today will bring me closer
To aligning my energies
With my PERFECT soul mate. 
And CLOSELY DRAWN to one another.
Neither one of us
Will be able to not notice the attraction!
           Remember that these affirmations have come to you directly from angels.  They are powerful!  They have been given to you specifically, so that you may draw your soul mate to you, for your greater happiness and fulfillment. 
            Repeat this affirmation as often as possible.  You are speaking directly to your higher mind, both mentally and emotionally.  You are giving yourself permission, and the command, to remember your dreaming and meditative experiences that relate to meeting your soul mate.  You are also respectfully requesting your higher mind and God to reveal to you the information that will clearly help you to be guided correctly in your search and alignment with your soul mate.  Always express gratitude for any spiritual assistance given to you, along with any assistance that may be forthcoming.  Meditation means, “listening,” whereas prayer is “asking.”  Meditation and prayer go hand in hand.  Your diligent, faithful efforts will be rewarded.  You will link up with your soul mate. 
            Mentally wash away all memories of relationship failures that you may have had in the past.  Rejection or whatever else may have happened to you.  You are embarking on an entirely new approach to finding your soul mate, and this will work for you.  Parts of your consciousness will be called upon as never before, along with your soul mate’s consciousness.  You will ask in prayer for information to be brought to your conscious mind, as never before!   I suggest that you keep a notebook and pen by your bed, so that all pertinent information can be recorded.  Remember, the more you remember and record, the more you will receive!  A tape recorder by your bed may also work very well, because you will be receiving pertinent information that should be consciously remembered. 
            Continue to ask in prayer for information about your soul’s “life wave.”  This may sound strange and complicated, but it’s not.  It gets right to the heart of the problem, namely and attunement and identification of that person. 
              It’s very important that you ask in prayer that your spirit teachers, angels, and saints, whose job it is to help us develop and evolve as human beings and to get through life safely. Ask them to help you perfectly align yourself with your soul mate.  Ask that our Creator open the doors that are necessary for this person to be brought into your life.  Ask our Creator to help you to recognize and correctly identify your soul mate, and that this person should also receive help to be MAGNETICALLY ATTRACTED to you.  It may be someone that you know already.  It doesn’t matter.  Understand that everything is about to change.  Project the thought that there is no question or doubt in your mind that you both belong together.  Repeat faithfully, with simple, childlike faith, and with respect and reverence, what you wish to accomplish. 

 Copyright © Joyce Keller Heart Hunting

Monday, May 14, 2012

Calling All Angels: Angel of Abundance for Proserity

This appears in my 4 star reviewed and best selling book "Calling All Angels : 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life: " which can be purchased through my website and read more about the angels and how they can give you aid with finding work, protection, and my own personal stories.

You may want write this down on a 3 by 5 index card to take with you and repeat. xxxo Joyce

For Prosperity

Angel of Abundance
Bringing milk and honey,
My coffer needs 
to be filled with money!

Recommendations for increased prosperity:

PRAYER Ask with an attitude of simple faith for the floodgates of universal abundance to be opened to you,
and for all that you need to come pouring into your life. Express gratitude for all that will be forthcoming.

MANTRA Use this mantra at least five times a day.

MEDITATION Clearly see money flowing into your home and office. See tons of hundred-dollar bills flowing in through every window and door.

ATTITUDE Write out your request for increased prosperity, as specifically as possible. Fold it in half and place it on your altar,  under a glass of water. If you need a hundred thousand dollars a year state, this. Don't be shy! Go for it. You may be pleasantly surprised. Be optimistic, and don't set ceilings or limitations on what the universe may be able to bring you.

ATMOSPHERE Burn a seven-day green candle (in a bowl water, for safety reasons). Pray near it, to attract the highest angelic energy.

SUBSTANCES Use the larch Bach Flower Remedy and angelica or peppermint fragrance.

CRYSTALS & GEMS Meditate with citrine quartz crystals.

Copyright © 1998, 2000,  Joyce Keller All rights reserved.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

St. Anthony...the Greatest Sleuth of All.

The following is my true encounter with St. Anthony who is an extremely powerful saint. Call on him anytime you are in trouble. He is the patron of finding lost things, a marriage partner, and for anything else. He is what I call a general saint.
After my account is his novena. Please remember to call on him whenever needed! To make it easier here is site with a list of prayers to him. I used the novena prayer to St. Anthony which is at the end of my story. Don't worry he will find you. xxxJoyce

St. Anthony really does find and return things to us! I lost a very sentimental and valuable piece of jewelry that my mother gave was gone for over a year...I even ran ads in local papaers, without any response. I realized that I lost it when I was on a trip to Florida, and resigned myself to never seeing it again.  Then, one night, when I got up to go to the bathroom, around 3 am, a little voice told me to look in a certain drawer...a drawer that I had emptied and checked many times...I reluctantly looked where the voice told me to look, and guess what?!!  There it was. Yes...I knew that St. Anthony had gone to get it for me, and had returned it to me. xxxo Joyce Keller

O holy St. Anthony, you are known for the power and abundance of your miracles. Jesus came into your arms as a humble little child. Pray for me to the Child Jesus for my needs and desires…

 (Mention your intentions)

In imitation of our Lord, you have great mercy and compassion for sinners. Pay no attention to my worthiness, but instead ask God to show His glory through the answer of my requests.

St. Anthony, you cooperated with the grace of God in a radical way with your life. You gave everything to Christ and to your neighbor. Your life glorified God!

You are an example of holiness that I will try to follow.

You are in heaven praising God with a particular closeness to the King of Kings. With your seat of honor, please beg God to both answer my request and bring me to eternal rest with you.

Pray one Our Father,
one Hail Mary, and
Glory Be to the Father, in honor of Saint Anthony.

Saint Anthony, pray for us!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Soul Mate Attraction: Astrology and Love

We are attracted to certain people because in our natal astrological chart, the entire scenario is spelled out...our soul mate attractions are usually based on the alignment of our natal moon, Venus and Mars positions.  In India, this is the system that parents use to this day, to choose mates for their children. The other day, an Indian limo driver picked me up for my WPIX gig.  I got him to tell me about himself.   He was about 35 years old, and about to marry a woman whom he had never met, but that his parents (in India) had chosen for him!  He was excited and happy about this, and CONFIDENT that they had made the correct choice. That's the kind of confidence that children should have in parents especially since they used astrology.