Monday, October 29, 2012


I wrote about this in my book, "7 Steps"...NY was flooded by Hurricane Gloria, no power, blown-out windows, roofs, etc. a day before our daughter Elaine's wedding..we had planned a huge wedding on the Great South Bay for her and her groom, at a great reception was a disaster, especially because 200 people were attending...amid flooding, darkness, high winds with windows blowing out, I tried to protect her wedding gown & veil by lying on top of it...fell asleep (hard to believe, right?) and saw master teacher Babaji! He said, "Don't worry! I'll take care of everything! I'll make the hurricane STOP right next to the wedding reception hall, right at the Great South Bay in Lindenhurst, and I'll see that you have PROOF of this! It will be a beautiful day, and a beautiful wedding." True to his word, the next day was a beautiful day, and the electricity came on briefly...just long enough for Elaine and her bridal party to get ready, and long enough to have a terrific reception. The next day, Monday, Oct. 7, 1985, the bride and groom where off on their honeymoon. Jack and I turned on the TV, and saw a weatherman giving the post-hurricane report...he pointed to the map of Long Island, New York. He pointed to the exact spot of Elaine's wedding reception, on his weather map, and said, "The hurricane abruptly and mysteriously STOPPED on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst!" That was the exact location of her wedding! Once again, Babaji was good for his word. I have had many experiences like this one, but this is one of my favorites.