Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Everyone doubts the afterlife, including me, at times, because it the energy is so wispy, fragile and ethereal. It so difficult for us on the earth, with the heavy, dross and gross energy on this plane, to make that connection. There was a time, aeons of ages ago, that spirits and physical beings came and went with ease, and there was no disconnection...the energies were pure and light...and THEN...guess what? Things became more and more physical, and spirits no longer had the ability to come and go, and ethereal beings became locked in to the heaviness of the earth. That's when it became so difficult and even impossible, to PART THE VEIL and to have open communication between the physical and non-physical worlds. However, just because communication is a fragile communication, at best, it doesn't mean that it's not REAL. The 2nd problem is that many spirit loved ones sleep for long periods of earth time, after their physical passing. They may be in shock, or have felt that they weren't quite ready to pass, or their belief system was such that they can't accept the GLORY of where they are! They may have tremendous guilt or residual distress about their prior earthly sojourn, and were expecting a Hell-ish or nighmarish experience or some sort. Instead, they were greeted with love, warmth and nurturing. If they are still surprised, or unaccepting, their angelic guides will probably allow them to spiritually "sleep it off," which can be a heartbeat of earth time, or 100's of years. It's all very variable, and there is time only on the earth. The bottomline is to know that the greatest distress is here on the earth. Also, that spirit communication is possible. The secret is to RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS through meditation and prayer, and to release old, non-productive religious beliefs that have never served anyone well. What do you think?