Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Joyce's comment on 10 year anniversary of 9/11

Of course 9/11 was beyond horrific, and heart-breaking to all Americans. However, in retrospect, the current scenario is increasing in sadness and heartbreak. Instead of heeding a wake-up call, and stepping up to our patriotic duties, a number of distressing things are occurring. For starters, "first-responders," and their immediate families have been banned from 9/11 events.
Instead of being honored, they are being told that it would be best for them to be acknowledged at "some other" designated date or time. 9/11 will be a day for "dignitaries" to take over Ground Zero. Mayor Bloomberg is increasing the pain that lower Manhattan is experiencing by agreeing that a Mosque should be built a few feet from Ground Zero. Governor Cuomo is also selling our country out with his similar acceptance.
In addition, it was announced this week that the families of 9/11 victims will also be shunted to "another location," a few blocks away from Ground Zero, where they also would not be seen or heard on 9/11. Come on, people. Where is our national heart, pride and integrity? Why put up with this political terrorism and nonsense? The only people who should be honored on 9/11 are the heroes, both living and deceased, and their families. We are tired of dishonesty and political chicanery. Politicians have turned 9/11 in to one more photo op, and vote-grabbing opportunity. Our politicians should be very embarrassed, and ashamed of themselves.

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Skye said...

Joyce, you are so right. Thank you for your words of wisdom. You are always spot on when it comes to truth. God Bless all the victims and their familes, especially this weekend.