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Joyce Keller

Some time during the time that The World Trade Center was under construction, I had a conversation with a psychic who had the occasion to become familiar with the construction site. He looked at me, straight in the eye and said, “I know that you are occasionally in the area where the World Trade Center is being built. I strongly suggest that you do not ever go into those buildings!”
When I asked him why, he clearly said, “Those buildings are cursed from great human suffering. They will definitely come down in our lifetime! Stay away from the area!”
His message felt accurate, but of course, my prayer was that it would not be true. My husband Jack and I went into the World Trade Center on many occasions. I felt very mixed feelings about the buildings. I was overwhelmed with the extreme beauty of the towers, and the fact that going to the top was like flying! You could see in all directions, and was truly in the clouds. It was beyond magnificent!
However, when I walked down hallways, or went into elevators, I became very upset and felt like crying. In spite of the very questionable energy, I loved the buildings, and always prayed for the protection of the World Trade Center and its inhabitants. I prayed that if the destruction of the buildings had to occur that it would be minimal, with no loss of human life.

Prior to and during the evacuation for the World Center and for other construction in the area, the remains of at least 419 colonial-era African-American slaves had been unearthed. In October 2003, they were respectfully re-interred, or re-buried a short distance away. Included in this burial were the remains of other black slaves who had also been discovered near the site in 1991.
Historians report that these African-American slaves were brought to lower New York during Colonial days, and horribly mistreated. Young children, teens and adults had been brought here from Africa, forced into heavy labor, tortured, and killed. The killings were often done by hanging, mostly in the area know known as the NY Financial Center. They were buried in and around the area of the World Trade Center.
The starvation and mistreatment of the slaves is documented, and went on for many generations. The area around what we now know as “Ground Zero” had festered for centuries with the energy of human beings who were horribly mistreated, tortured and killed. The energy not only had never been released, and became more negative after the Financial Center began to grow and prosper and people lost or gained money.
The dark energy in the area surrounding Ground Zero increased and accumulated since those colonial times. As financial dealings were consummated, some fair, some unfair, the negative energy grew in the area. The area surrounding the World Trade Center became an overwhelming MAGNET OF DARKNESS. The hatred, misery, despair and human suffering had been building up for centuries. It had never been cleansed or released.
Many photos that had been taken of the smoke surrounding the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings showed demonic faces that could clearly be seen. (I believe the front page of The National Enquirer showed such a photo.)

Two months before 9/11, my husband Jack and I bought a beautiful, little apartment in the shadow of the World Trade Center, only 1,000 feet away. The apartment was spectacular, with sweeping views of the New York harbor, bridges and the Statue of Liberty. On the day that we moved in, Jack and I went to the roof of our building. Jack looked straight up at the World Trade Center, as it towered over our building of 40 floors. Looking up at the magnificent towering edifice, he said, “If, God forbid, those building come down, my prayer is that they go straight down, and not over here!” We both weakly laughed, knowing that it was not something we should laugh about.
September 11, 2001 was a clear, unbelievably beautiful day in New York. We were not in our apartment because we had gone back to our house on Long Island. Jack and I stood transfixed and horrified, as we watched the morning news, and saw the towers, as they were attacked and then collapsed. We watched as the news showed our little building in Battery Park City become obliterated and covered completely with black smoke.
When the power in our building was turned back on a few weeks later, we returned to our apartment. The air in the city was almost beyond description, as there was not only an overwhelming smell of death, but also smoke, and plastic desks, paper, and God-knows what else. People walked with their heads down, mostly everyone either wearing a mask or covering their mouths and noses with a hanky. People were walking and crying. Since traffic was detoured, we had to walk many blocks. The Red Cross was at many street corners, manned by out-of-town volunteers. Emergency workers put food and water into our hands. People walked like zombies, not able to fully comprehend or accept what had happened to our beautiful city. Buses did not charge anyone, and would take people wherever they had to go. Volunteers came on board, giving out fruit and water. Most people sat in stunned silence, or quietly sobbed.
When we finally got to our apartment building, we walked in and were greeted by the front desk concierge. He was usually formal, but not this time. He grabbed Jack and me, and began crying. He said, “My God, I thought you were both dead. Five people who lived here died in the disaster. I’m so happy to see you.” We all hugged each other.
When we got up to our apartment, we entered with great trepidation, since the power had been off for quite a few days, and we had the usual food supply in our refrigerator. We were very fortunate, though, and very happy to find that our building workers had cleaned everything out for us.
Jack and I went up to the roof of our building for the second time, and just stood there overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Our beautiful World Trade Center was gone. In its place was just a big, smoking hole filled with tons and tons of debris. Many workers were going full-steam ahead with the clean-up, still optimistic that some survivors might be found. Rescue dogs were brought in, also courageously scouring the steaming debris for survivors. None were found.
That night, we fell asleep in our apartment with great difficulty. I was only sleeping for a short time, when I was awakened. I was inspired to walk into the living room. More asleep than awake, I realized that the room was filled with smoke, but that it wasn’t physical. I also realized that the room was filled with spirits…mostly firefighters! I walked over to the bay window that faces out to the harbor, and the Statue of Liberty. I saw a huge, white cloud of light forming over the harbor. I heard a voice say to me, “Joyce, you have to stand by the window, and direct these departed souls out to the light which has formed over the harbor. There are many spirit teachers and angelic forces waiting to take them into the light, and to where they need to go.”
By now, Jack had gotten up and joined me at the window. We stood at the window for hours, until the sun came up. We continuously said to the spirits who were leaving, “Go this way! Look at the light over the harbor! Go ahead. Don’t be afraid! Your loved ones are waiting for you! They will assist you right now! Do not be afraid!”
The line of departed entities seemed endless. They kept coming and coming. Many were World Trade Center employees who wanted to go back to their desks, or wanted to call their families to tell them they were all right. Many did not know they were no longer in their bodies. Some firefighters joked with us. One fireman said, “Look, I can fly! Even with my boots on!”
Finally, as the sun was coming up over the harbor, we realized that the line of departed souls was coming to an end. Finally, we knew that they had all crossed over. I had a feeling of peace sweep over me, and realized that Jack and I were completely exhausted. I looked down at the floor, and saw that I saw standing in a pool of my perspiration.
The next day, I meditated on the experience. I was told that we had been moved to that apartment and that building for a definite purpose. The building is exactly between The World Trade Center and the harbor. God had turned our apartment into what is known as “a portal,” or opening to higher realms. We were used as “earth helpers” along with cosmic workers, to accomplish the job. Many other earth helpers were also enlisted, some in buildings around the area, and some on the street! My guidance also told me that many children in the area could have died, since this is an area that has many children, but not one was lost!
I was also told that I would receive “proof,” within 24 hours, that this apartment had been turned into “a portal!” I was very curious about that, and couldn’t wait for that to happen.
The next day, when I was walking on the streets of New York City, I noticed many vendors selling photographs of the World Trade Center and Battery Park City. One large photo particularly caught my eye. It showed the World Trade Center as it had looked before 9/11. In the center of this beautiful photo was one apartment building that was very hard to miss. It was our building. It is very easy to spot, since there is a circle on the top, with what looks like a clock is missing. Well, of course, we had to buy it. It was so beautiful, and only $4.00!
When we took it home, and got ready to hang it on the wall, Jack called me. He said, “Look at this!” On the back of the photograph were the words, “The Portal.”
Is the area surrounding Ground Zero cleansed of old dark, evil energy? Is there residual negative energy? Why did almost 3,000 people die? Was this the balancing of their karma? Were they helpless victims? Or, was it the acceleration of their karma, so that the slate was wiped clean in one lifetime, rather than many? Are there other areas like this in our country, or in the world? Can we keep events like this from occurring again?
After much meditation, my impression is that, as Edgar Cayce said, “There are no accidents.” “There are no victims.” People, at a certain level of consciousness, understand and usually agree to accept whatever comes their way, after their karma is explained to them. The cell phone messages that were heard by friends and relatives are, for the most part, incredibly cool and calm. There was an all-pervasive calmness among the victims, as if they knew what was happening, and agreed to it.
There were many reports of people who worked in the World Trade Center, and lived through the experience. Many people could not understand or explain how they were sitting at their desk one minute, drinking coffee, and then suddenly standing out on the street, in front of the World Trade Center, still holding a coffee cup in their hands! Many people had no memory or awareness of exiting the building, and safely making their way out on to the street!
9/11 is a tragedy that is beyond description. However, mixed in with that tragedy are so many blessings. For instance, all the children in Battery Park City’s nurseries and schools survived, as did many residents and their pets. Also, there were World Trade Center employees who survived, either because they missed their train, or overslept that morning.
The 9/11 experience should be a wake-up call for all of us. We need to appreciate the beauty and blessings of our country. We need to strengthen and empower our God-connection. We need to listen intuitively to our own inner and angelic guidance, which is the God within.

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LoveBeing said...

This story is amazing and so beautiful every time I read it!

I sent it to some of my friends and to my family (I have relatives in New York who lost their son there..) Too bad that esspecially people who lost their loved ones, find it hard to believe or the close their hearts and mind even stronger.. But at least we can be sure that one day they'll know the turht- that Love never dies! and that the bonds of Love we have in this life- will stay Forever! :-)

Thank you very much for puting this story also in here so it will be easier to copy and save!

Lots of Love my dear friend!
((and a Big big Hug!!))

Gil :-)