Wednesday, August 27, 2008

These two poems are from my Simon & Schuster book, "7 Steps to Heaven."

Both of these poems should assist those who are concerned about after death communication, and who are in need of support, consolation, and re-connection with their departed loved ones:

DON’T BE AFRAID, by Joyce Keller

Don’t be afraid
God will take your hand;
Follow the Light
To His heavenly land.

Don’t be afraid
God guides from birth;
We’re in His kingdom
Whether it’s heaven or earth.

Don’t be afraid
To reconnect with those lost
The love continues
Even after we’ve crossed.

REACH OUT, by Joyce Keller

Reach out
I’m as close as your hand
Even if you can’t see me
In God’s heavenly land.

Reach out
Just call my name
I’m hard to see
But my love is the same.

Reach out
Lose the fears
We can connect;
Please dry your tears.

Reach out
Though we’re apart
Go on with your life
I’m in your heart.

1 comment:

LoveBeing said...

hi Joyce!
This is a lovely poem.. :-)
I'm so happy you have this blog!
Just yesterday night I cried to God because I felt alone and misunderstood in this world.. But I felt that soon an angel or a guide will help me out the following day.. I guess this angel is You! :-)

You help by being yourself! A caring and loving spirit.. You show me that there are others like me on this planet, and we are all Family! Thanks again for all of the help you have given me two years ago...

Lots of Love & many Hugs!
Gil (from Israel..) :-)