Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have you or someone you know, lost someone dear to you, or a beloved pet?

PERSONALIZED, CHANNELED CD or tape for those who are GRIEVING, & IN NEED OF HEALING OF THE SOUL, BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. $100 donation through PayPal:

Have you, or someone you know, lost someone, or a pet, that you loved dearly? Joyce Keller, the author of Simon & Schuster's international best-selling book, "7 Steps to Heaven, How to Communicate with Those You've Loved & Lost," will channel a PERSONALIZED CD or TAPE to OVERCOME GRIEF, and to bring NEEDED HEALING of THE SOUL, BODY AND MIND.

This is an extraordinary service and unique product, since each CD or tape is CHANNELED, sensitively MADE TO ORDER, using the person's full name, along with the full names of the departed loved one(s, and/or pet.

Joyce, a certified hypnotherapist and psychic counselor, hosts America's longest -running live metaphysical radio show, on NY's 1240 am radio and the web, http://www.joycekeller.com/ . Her 7 best-selling books are international best-sellers, all endorsed by Regis Philbin, and all published by leading publishers. She was honored in many issues of "Who's Who," as well as in Simon & Schuster's "Top 100 Psychics in America." Joyce has been seen on OPRAH, REGIS, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, and many other top TV shows.

If you, or someone you know, is depressed, and in need of spiritual upliftment, because of the loss of a loved one, or a pet, this unique product is for you.

Order through PayPal, $100 at: http://www.joycekeller.com/


Joyce Keller really understands WEIGHT LOSS battles, the dreaded Yo-Yo Syndrome, and the frustration and anguish that comes with years of struggling to loss weight. Maybe most of us are not meant to be "bone-thin," but we should be able to knock off those unwanted extra pounds, and get our weight down to whatever we personally consider to be attractive, right?

Joyce, is the author of 7 international best-selling books, endorsed by Regis Philbin. Her American Media's angel series, "Secrets of Permanent Weight Loss," is now available to you, with an amazingly effective PERSONALIZED, CHANNELED HYPNOTHERAPY CD or TAPE. In addition to hosting America's longest-running live psychic radio show, heard on both AM radio and the web, the has been honored in many issues of "Who's Who," and Simon & Schuster's "Top 100 Psychics in America." She has been seen on OPRAH, REGIS, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and many other top shows.

What could be more effective, than a CD or tape that a world-famous PSYCHIC/MEDIUM has CHANNELED and CREATE just for you? This is the end of that unbearably frustrating and unending see-saw of weight loss and gain. Joyce's PERSONALLY CHANNELED TAPE, which will use your NAME, and address your PERSONAL DIETARY and EATING issues, WILL WORK WONDERS FOR YOU! She has been a certified hypnotherapist and counselor since the 80's, and has helped thousands of people permanently lose their unwanted weight.

If you were considering stomach-stapling, or any other expensive and possibly dangerous treatment, don't do it! Joyce's personalized Weight-Loss CD or tape may permanently reverse your weight problems. She has helped thousands, and she can and will help you!

Order through PayPal, $100, at: http://www.joycekeller.com/

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