Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi Folks, Here is an email from a satisfied recipient of a reading done for her last week by Joyce:
Dear Joyce!!!!!!!!
Wow...LOL My expression is "Oh My Jesus" LOL
I am still tingling over your reading!
Wow, wow,wow......
You are the BEST!!!!!!!

I love what you do and always wanted to help people giving them direction!
I truly would love to do that! Sometimes when I'm on a metaphorical forum
were people ask questions, I would love to help them but I don't get the insight
to answer.
I've been meditating and hopefully I will get the breakthrough I am looking for!

I am clear that I need to work on myself and just throw my trust into the heavens and when "he"
(my soul mate) comes I will be ready.

Thank you again for this reading! What a Gift!!!!!

Love & Blessing,

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