Monday, October 26, 2009

A Grieving Mother Gains Hope of Reconnection

October 17, 2009

Dear Joyce, Thank you so much for the inspiring reading and we look forward for the month of November. I have to be honest w/you, you are so right that our hardship has been 2 years now. My son Trent Anthony crossed over to the other side 2 years ago when he was 20 y/o. We were on vacation when it happened,it was so quick, we were on a resort in Phil. He scream in the bathroom and when we open the door, he was gone.

They said he was bitten by a coral snake, I don't know...still a nightmare until now. After that everything changed, life stopped for us for a while. We just hang on to GOD and yes, eventhough we are hard up, we are still generous to church and to the poor. I do a lot of volunteer work to church and become a eucharistic minister.

Started reading any books about the other side and that's how i got your book 7 steps to heaven . I just got done reading it and will try to do your steps. Hopefully, I can communicate w/my son. Sorry about your house and I will pray that everything will work out for you , too. Take care and GOD BLESS both of you. I will get your book about angels once I get the chance.

In CHRIST, maria

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