Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greeting from the other side.

Hi Joyce, Just got your book the other day, and, I feel I must share this with you. I only read about 20 pages of your book and was inspired to try out some of your suggestions. I was visiting the Cemetery ( my wife passed away 7 years ago) and I was sitting under a tree asking God to please let my Wife send me a sign.

I sat there for 30 minutes and started to get up, when I saw one of the many thousands of Monuments reflect the Sun's Light in a way I have never seen before. It was like this Monument was Luminous and was shining a 100,000 Watt Light out for all to see. I walked over to this monument and there was nothing special about it. It was the same shape and color as the 100 or so Monuments next to it. I wrote down the Inscription and didn't understand the connection, if there was one.

It was 2 days latter when I looked at the words that I wrote down, and It Suddenly jumped off the page! The man's name was George and his wife's name was Jaqueline. The first Letter of his name was "G" and the first letter of his wife was "J." My wife's name was Gloria Jane, and I always called her Gloria Jane. I wondered why of all the thousands of Monuments there, this one Radiated! I believe my Wife sent me the sign I was praying for, and I would never have thought to ask for one, if not for your book. God bless you. R. M. S.

Appreciative Letter from a Client

Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 6:56 PM To: Joyce Keller Subject: Re: Personal Life Reading for J. H.

Dear Joyce, I cannot begin to tell you how deeply your reading affected me. I have been to many healers in my life, as I suffer from a chronic disorder for 35 years. I have never felt "so known," "so heard," "so connected to" in all of my life as in your channeled reading and my heart became so fullthat I cried tears of joy as I read through the reading. Everything felt right-everything felt true. You are a blessing to me Joyce. Thank you for being you.

Would it be too soon to schedule one more personal life reading with you? There are two very crucial issues that I didn't address, as I wasn't aware of how profound the reading would be. One is a major physical life issue and one is a "horrid" present day emotional issue. Also, I wanted to know if I could order personal life readings for my sons as birthday gifts, or do you feel that would be something they would do for themselves? I'm a little confused about this. Again, thank you for giving me so much hope. I look forward to hearing from you or Mary. Love, J

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